Orthodontist checking girl’s dental braces


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry providing treatment to improve the positioning of teeth. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of claims where patients have not received the best care in orthodontics, with negligence causing pain, suffering and injury. Some common mistakes, which are likely to provide grounds to make a claim, are: A failure […]Read more
Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry and dental procedures include; bleaching, veneers, orthodontics, dental implants, bridges, crowns and the replacement of amalgam fillings. Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of dental negligence claims concerning accidents and errors occurring during cosmetic dental procedures. Some common cosmetic dentistry mistakes, which are likely to provide grounds to make a claim, are: A […]Read more
Professional Negligence

Professional Negligence

When making a claim, you expect your solicitor or barrister to be experienced, have strong expertise and be driven to win your case. If they fail to do this, or their actions or advice means you receive less compensation than you deserve, Pryers can help you claim the difference with a professional negligence claim.Read more

Care Home Negligence

Negligence in a Care Home In certain circumstances, the legal duty of care that the care home has towards their residents is breached, resulting in poor health and negative psychological outcomes for the resident. As we all get older, and our care needs change and increase, we expect to be treated well. In certain circumstances […]Read more
closeup of brain mri scan result

Brain and Spinal Injuries

Head, Spinal Cord and Other Serious Injury Claims Head, spinal cord, and other serious injuries are life-changing for individuals and their families. Recovering maximum compensation is just part of the process of helping our clients put their life back on track. Our team are also committed to ensuring our clients get early access to the […]Read more
female-doctor and patient examing nose

Ear, Nose & Throat Claims

Ear, Nose and Throat Negligence At Pryers Solicitors we have a specialist ENT (Ear, nose, throat) team of Solicitors. The team has won many cases on behalf of clients with ENT problems caused by poor treatment. The claims we bring often arise out of relatively minor procedures such as fitting grommets in children or nose […]Read more
No win no fee contract

No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee solicitors and funding legal claims No win no fee agreements have been a crucial part of the civil justice system in England & Wales since 2000 and now fund the majority of medical negligence and personal injury claims made across the UK. The agreement (sometimes described as a “Conditional Fee Agreement” or CFA) […]Read more
Woman at the dentist

Dental Negligence

Many people don't realise that medical negligence can occur in dental treatment. This can lead to injuries like nerve damage or tooth loss. If you have been injured due to substandard dental care Pryers can help you make a dental negligence claim.Read more
female doctor examining pelvis x-ray in hospital

Hip Replacement Claims

Hip Compensation Over the last few years, Pryers Solicitors have developed a specialist team dealing exclusively with compensation claims concerning hip replacement, resurfacing surgery and other conditions concerning the hip. The team not only works with some of the most eminent hip surgeons, but also with orthopaedic engineers and industry experts from around the world. It has […]Read more
Doctor showing knee replacement

Defective Implants

Proving that a medical product is defective and securing compensation as a result of it is an enormously complex task. With a strong track record, Pryers are one of the very few law firms with specific expertise and experience in this extremely challenging area of law.Read more
protective earphones

Industrial Disease Claims

These are serious conditions that can sometimes develop very quickly but may take months or even years to develop depending on the person and the substance. For many years rules and regulations have been in place to try and reduce the risk of workers developing illnesses but employers have often failed to comply with these […]Read more
Woman standing over grave

Fatal Accident Claims

At some point you may want/need to consider the question of fatal accident compensation. Compensation may become a necessity if, for example, a child is left without parents or an adult is left without their bread winning spouse. We can advise you if there is a claim for compensation or not. Fatal accident claims can […]Read more
Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Serious Injury Claims

Our experienced solicitors provide sympathetic and effective legal advice in serious injury claims. We listen and work with you to help your recovery and maximise your compensation claim. Serious Injury Claims with Pryers Whilst all injuries can be traumatic, some injuries have significantly debilitating and long-term consequences and impacts on your life. We have a wealth […]Read more
Old Lady Fallen

Slips, Trips & Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls Compensation Claims Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common types of accident. This therefore means that they are the most common reasons for people to make a personal injury claim. They’re so common, because they can happen anywhere; to anyone. Where you slip, trip or fall will determine how […]Read more
Rush Hour Traffic

Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims Being involved in a road traffic accident can have a big impact on your life; it can change the way you live and work. This is why, if you have been injured in a road traffic accident, you are entitled to claim compensation to help you get your life back […]Read more
an accident of a woman worker at the construction

Accidents at Work

At Pryers our team of specialist solicitor’s deal with clients everyday who have had the misfortune to be injured whilst carrying out their work. All employers have a duty of care to each individual employee, and are bound by law to ensure certain standards and regulations are adhered to. It is unfortunate that accidents or […]Read more
pharmacy misdiagnosis

Medication Errors

Incorrect Medication Claims At Pryers we have significant experience in acting for clients who have been the victims of wrongful prescriptions by pharmacies, GP’s and Hospitals. Recently our Medical Negligence solicitors have settled the following incorrect prescription claims involving the incorrect use of drugs: Negligent misinterpretation of prescription – £7,500 Long-term steroidal prescription – £50,000 Cardiac drug toxicity – £100,000 Prescribing and […]Read more
GP Checking old mans heart rate

GP Negligence

GP Negligence Solicitors Like other health professionals, occasionally GPs make mistakes. If a GP’s mistake has injured you, you might be entitled to compensation by making a GP negligence claim. It might be that the negligence has caused a new injury, made an existing injury or illness worse, or prevented you from making a good […]Read more
Paediatric Care

Child Health Claims

Child Medical Negligence When children become ill or unwell, and you need to take them to the hospital, they will be looked after by doctors who are specially trained in the management of children (paediatricians). Unfortunately, paediatricians are not always called to treat children, and the treatment can be left in the hands of adult […]Read more
Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Compensation for Cosmetic Surgery Many cosmetic procedures on British people are performed overseas, for example, Eastern Europe is a common area to offer these services and the standards of the treatments offered are poor. Our cosmetic surgery claims solicitors have won many cases against cosmetic surgeons and clinics. We believe that the impact of such cases […]Read more