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Eye Injuries & Loss of Vision

Eye Injury Compensation Loss of eyesight must rank as one of the most overwhelming conditions a person can suffer. If you have lost your sight or suffered reduced vision in your eyes as a result of poor treatment or delay, we can assist you in bringing a claim. We have experience in bringing claims against […]Read more
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Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury Compensation There are about 750,000 births in the UK, every year. The majority of these occur without any significant issues. However, the devastating consequences for the minority who do face complications means they cannot be ignored. In 2019 0.4% of births were stillbirths. And a further 0.28% of babies who survived birth, died […]Read more
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Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Cancer Misdiagnosis Solicitors Our clinical negligence solicitors and litigation lawyers have settled many cancer misdiagnosis claims. Our clinical negligence solicitors and lawyers have considerable experience in dealing with cases involving all types of cancer. The claims often involve a delay in diagnosis when, for example, a General Practitioner has delayed in referring for investigation, or […]Read more
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Misdiagnosis Errors

Medical Misdiagnosis Claims Medical misdiagnosis happens in all areas of medicine but we most commonly see claims arising from treatment received from General Practitioners (GPs), or accident and emergency (A&E) staff. These are both busy environments which need an understanding of many areas of medicine, which might increase the risk of a mistake being made. Misdiagnoses […]Read more

Hospital & Surgery Claims

If something goes wrong whilst you are in the hospital, do you have a claim for medical negligence? The answer is that you could well have. All medical staff have a duty of care to you and all patients, to provide you with the best possible healthcare. If they fall below this standard and you suffer […]Read more
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Medical Negligence

When a surgical procedure goes wrong or treatment in a clinic / hospital (either NHS or private) is not of the required standard, it may result in an injury or medical misdiagnosis. Ultimately it could mean that you have suffered some form of clinical or medical negligence.Read more