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If you have suffered injury or harm as a result of Medical Negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim. Here at Pryers Solicitors we have one of the largest and most experienced medical legal teams in the north of England. We are dedicated to helping injured patients and their relatives.

Medical Negligence, sometimes known as clinical negligence, is the term used to describe a breach of duty of care by a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. If you or a relative have been let down by poor care, bad advice, negligent treatment or lack of action, it is possible that you can make a claim for medical compensation.

Types of Medical Negligence Cases

Brain and Spinal InjuriesBrain and spine injuries are life-changing. Compensation is about giving people the freedom to focus on their recovery.ViewHospital & Surgery ClaimsIf something goes wrong whilst you are in hospital, you may have a claim for NHS medical negligenceViewGynaecological, Pregnancy & Birth Injury ClaimsIf you have suffered harm as a result of poor obstetric or gynaecological care our specialist solicitors can help.ViewDiagnosis ErrorsDiagnosis errors and delays in successful diagnosis account for a significant number of the cases that we deal with.ViewEye Injuries & Loss of VisionIf you have lost your sight or suffered reduced vision in your eyes following poor treatment or delay, we can help.ViewHip Replacement ClaimsProving that a medical product such as a hip replacement is defective, and securing compensation from the manufacturer is complicated and technically challenging. Talk to us today and see if we can he...ViewCosmetic Surgery ClaimsOur cosmetic and plastic surgery claims solicitors have won many cases against plastic surgeons and clinics.ViewCare Home NegligenceCare given to the elderly and vulnerable should be carried out to a satisfying and caring level. Sadly, there are times where criteria for this is not met, leading to injury or worse as an outcome of ...ViewChild Health ClaimsWe have experience of handling cases for babies, infants and teenagers following poor paediatric care.ViewGP NegligenceIf your local doctor or community healthcare professional has let you down and failed in his or her duty of care, you may well have a claim for GP Negligence.ViewMedication ErrorsOur solicitors at Pryers have significant experience in acting for clients who have been the victims of medication errors, dispensing mistakes, GP’s and hospital doctors.ViewEar, Nose & Throat ClaimsRelatively minor procedures, when carried out by inexperienced medical staff, can cause longer term issues and our team of ENT solicitors can assess if you are entitled to claim.View

Medical Negligence claims are made up of a series of hurdles. If you do not clear one hurdle then you do not move onto the next.

The first step is to obtain the medical notes, records, x-rays, scans etc… and check them. We have assistance from expert nurses to assist in the collation of these records. Specialist medical experts will then be instructed to consider whether or not the treatment was negligent, and if it was, what damage the treatment has caused.

At the same time as the above, we are in correspondence with the defendant’s solicitor in trying to persuade them that there is a case for medical negligence. Medical Negligence cases can often be settled by negotiation without the need to proceed to a full trial. If it is not possible to settle the claim through negotiations then court proceedings will be necessary.

Medical Negligence cases can be very expensive because of the number of specialists involved and the detailed work required. Our funding page will give you the information you need in relation to how medical negligence claims are paid for.

For more details about what to expect visit our What happens when I make a Claim? page or call us now.