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Eye Injuries & Loss of Vision

Eye Injuries & Loss of Vision at a Glance

Eyes are one of our most important organs, providing us with the ability to see alongside the ability to coordinate our bodies for day to day tasks. Due to our eyes being very fragile, injuries are very common in day to day life.

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Eye Injury Compensation

Loss of eyesight must rank as one of the most overwhelming conditions a person can suffer. If you have lost your sight or suffered reduced vision in your eyes as a result of poor treatment or delay, we can assist you in bringing a claim.

We have experience in bringing claims against opticians, specialist eye clinics and hospitals arising from ophthalmic negligence.

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Delays in eye injury treatment or surgery gone wrong

Common problems that we have seen lead to successful claims are delays in dealing with retinal detachments, late diagnosis of glaucoma and laser eye or cataract surgery that goes wrong. We have also dealt with negligence in hospitals dealing with trauma to the eyes from accidents and from foreign bodies or objects in the eyes.

What seems very clear from our cases is that the sooner the diagnosis and treatment, the more likely that sight, or at least partial sight, will be preserved.

Compensation in these cases can be significant because someone who is blind is likely to require specialist equipment and adapted accommodation.

If you have experienced delayed eye surgery or have had surgery go wrong, contact Pryers Solicitors today and speak with one of our friendly and accommodating specialist team members on 01904 409720 or email us.

Eye Injuries & Loss of Vision Success Stories

Delayed Eye Infection Diagnosis Leads To Blindness

Pryers helped Frank restore justice after a delayed eye infection diagnosis led to permanent loss of vision, pain, poor mental health and difficulty returning to work. Confusion over eye pain In 2012, Frank attended his GP surgery after experiencing pain and redness in his right eye for three days. He’d used contact lenses for many […]

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£160,000 Settlement

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Allegations of Multiple Failings in Lasik Eye Surgery

Pryers’ Neil Fearn helped Sonia, aged 35, from Winchester, to pursue a medical negligence claim relating to Lasik eye surgery she underwent at a local Ophthalmologist clinic in 2009. Before Lasik eye surgery Sonia suffered from pre-existing Dry-Eye Syndrome. She said that before having surgery the risks associated with having the condition were not explained […]

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£500,000 Settlement

Compensation Award For Failure To Diagnose A Detached Retina

In July 2015, Mr D from Bradford suffered an eye injury at home. He attended his local hospital where the eye was flushed out and the lid stitched, and he was discharged home. He then underwent an operation to remove any remaining debris from the eye. Around a week after this operation, he began to […]

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£22,000 Settlement