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Medical Negligence Success Stories

Pryers are proud to work closely with their clients to achieve the compensation that they deserve. Take a look at some of our recent medical negligence success stories. We’ve helped people claim hundreds of thousands of Pounds through medical negligence and NHS negligence payouts. Read about some of our medical negligence cases below.

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Scheduled 5am Fire Alarm Causes Fall And Hip Fracture

Settlement £13,000

£200,000 settlement for missed diagnosis by GP

Settlement £200,000

111 Call Logged Incorrectly Contributes to Sad Death of Infant

Settlement £60,000
A photograph of a child having physical therapy, similar to what a child with cerebral palsy might have.

£7m in compensation after cerebral palsy birth injury

Settlement £7,000,000

Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury Case Ends in £18m Payout

Settlement £18,000,000

Allegations of Multiple Failings in Lasik Eye Surgery

Settlement £500,000
A photograph of a person in a wheelchair, taken from behind

Failure to respond to the appearance of jaundice and high bilirubin levels result in £12.5m in damages

Settlement £12,500,000

Compensation for retained suture after caesarean section

Settlement £15,000

Hospital Administers Penicillin In Spite Of Allergy

Settlement £5,500

Delay in diagnosing prostate cancer

Settlement £37,000

Negligent Neonatal Care

Settlement £29,500

Mismanagement Of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Leads To Amputation

Settlement £16,000

Prison Worker Compensated For Bite

Settlement £12,000

Glass Fragments Missed By A&E Staff

Settlement £16,500

Hospital Fall Causes Brain Injury

Settlement £20,500
defective hip replacement

Negligently Fitted Hip Replacement Components

Settlement £84,500

Lumbar Puncture Error Results In Death And Psychiatric Injuries

Compensation For Chronic Pain Following Vasectomy

Settlement £750,000

88 Year Old Receives Compensation For 6cm Laceration

Delay In Treatment Leads To Loss Of All Useful Function

Settlement £100,000