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Hospital Administers Penicillin In Spite Of Allergy

Hospital Administers Penicillin In Spite Of Allergy

£5,500 Settlement

David, 49 years old, from Newcastle had a history of an allergy to Penicillin based medication. In April 2017, David was prescribed a semi-synthetic Penicillin drug, to treat an infection. Consequently David suffered an allergic reaction with symptoms of shortness of breath and a tight chest; necessitating admission to Hospital for a week period.

David instructed Pryers Solicitors to investigate a potential Clinical Negligence claim against the Defendant. It was put to the Defendant that they failed to consider David’s medical history and his known allergy and failed to consider alternative medication to treat the infection.

The Trust did not provide a response to the allegations however made an offer of settlement for the sum of £5,500.00 which David was happy to accept.

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