doctors examining an x-ray report in hospital

Diagnosis Errors Success Stories

Husband claims compensation for wife’s delayed rectal cancer diagnosis

Compensation for Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis

A photograph of someone in surgical gloves examining a potential melanoma, as Pryers Solicitors represented a client who was the victim of a melanoma misdiagnosis

Melanoma Misdiagnosis Led to Six Years of Preparing for the Worst

Settlement £42,000
A computer-assisted tomographic (CAT). The same as what detected our clients small bowel lymphoma.

Small Bowel Lymphoma Not Followed Up

Settlement £15,000
Pryers client Emma

Complications after Strangulated Bowel was Misdiagnosed

Settlement £14,000
A photograph of a woman with abdominal pain caused by appendicitis.

Appendicitis Diagnosis Delay

Settlement £15,000
A photograph of an accident and emergency sign

Misdiagnosis Because of Negligent A&E Treatment

Settlement £45,000
Two surgeons looking at a scan

Cancerous Tumour Misdiagnosed as Benign Cyst

Settlement £100,000
A photograph of a male doctor looking at a radiograph, with his head in his hand, to depict making a diagnostic error

Delayed Diagnosis Of Appendicitis

Settlement £15,000

£200,000 settlement for missed diagnosis by GP

Settlement £200,000

Delay in diagnosing prostate cancer

Settlement £37,000

65 Year Old Woman Receives Compensation For Negligent Treatment Of Appendicitis

Settlement £33,000

Delay in Diagnosing Renal Cancer

Settlement £128,000

Missed scaphoid fracture

Settlement £26,000

Delay in Diagnosing Cauda Equina Syndrome

Settlement £380,000

Delayed Referral for an X-Ray Leads to Pulmonary Embolus

Wrongly Reported Smear Test Claim Settles for £235,000

Settlement £235,000