Scheduled 5am Fire Alarm Causes Fall And Hip Fracture

Scheduled 5am Fire Alarm Causes Fall And Hip Fracture

£13,000 Settlement

Amy pursued a case with Pryers Solicitors on behalf of her mother, deceased, regarding a fall she had suffered whilst in care.

Amy’s mother moved to a nursing home in April 2015 following the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. A few days later, the nursing home set off a scheduled fire alarm at 5am. Amy’s mother suffered a fall and fracture to her hip in responding to the fire alarm. Following this, she gradually deteriorated before she sadly passed away in September 2015.

Pryers Solicitors was able to obtain expert evidence that confirmed there was a failure to carry out the relevant risk assessments, as well as a failure to advise Amy’s mother of the scheduled fire alarm and take the relevant precautions.

A letter of claim was sent in August 2017, and Pryers later received a letter of response from the defendant admitting liability. The defendant then made an offer of £13,000, which was accepted.

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