GP Checking old mans heart rate

GP Negligence Success Stories

Woman holding tablet, about to take it with some water

Liver Damage Caused by Medication

Settlement £50,000

Practice System Failing And Individual GP Breach

Settlement £9,000

£600,000 Compensation For Vasculitis Sufferer

Settlement £600,000

£200,000 settlement for missed diagnosis by GP

Settlement £200,000

111 Call Logged Incorrectly Contributes to Sad Death of Infant

Settlement £60,000

Mismanagement Of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Leads To Amputation

Settlement £16,000

Delay in Diagnosis of Myeloma

Settlement £28,000

Delay in Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Attack

Settlement £25,000
GP fails to follow up persistent symptoms

GP fails to follow up persistent symptoms over six years

Settlement £40,000

GP’s Failure to Recognise Developing Cauda Equina Syndrome

Settlement £565,000

GP mismanagement of Naproxen causes kidney failure

Settlement £85,000

Failure to Make a Referral for a Suspicious Mole

Settlement £65,000