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Failure to Make a Referral for a Suspicious Mole

Failure to Make a Referral for a Suspicious Mole

£65,000 Settlement

Pryers secured £65,000 compensation, in a claim against a General Practitioner (GP) for a client whose life expectancy was reduced because his GP didn’t make a referral for a suspicious mole.

GP failed to make a referral for a suspicious mole

In September 2008, *Simon* attended his local GP Surgery complaining of a mole on his chest which had changed in size and which he was worried about. He was assured by his local GP that it was nothing to worry about.

However, over time the mole continued to grow, bleed and change in appearance. Simon re-attended his GP in November 2009 by which time the mole was nearly twice the size it previously was. In addition, it was also bleeding and irregular.

A referral was then made to a specialist at Simon’s local Hospital and a diagnosis of a malignant melanoma was made. Simon ultimately underwent excision of the melanoma but the cancer had proportionately spread to his brain, lungs and chest wall.

Pryers helped get compensation

In February 2010, Simon contacted David Sears, a solicitior specialising in medical negligence claims at Pryers Solicitors.

Investigations into the case were commenced and an expert opinion from a GP was obtained. The expert evidence was extremely supportive of the case on the basis that the Defendant had failed to make an urgent referral despite Simon presenting with classic signs of skin cancer.

Further expert evidence was obtained from a Consultant Dermatologist who confirmed that had the cancer been detected sooner, then Simon would have had a greater life expectancy.

In July 2011, the Defendant’s insurers made an offer to settle of £45,000 plus costs. David Sears then entered into negotiations with the Defendant’s insurers and reached a settlement of £65,000 plus costs, which Simon was extremely happy to accept in full and final settlement.

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