Rush Hour Traffic

Miss A C – Cycle Accident

Miss A C – Cycle Accident

£20,000 Settlement

The claimant was a cyclist on a narrow, downhill country road when a van overtook her and then did an emergency stop directly in front of client. The client was unable to stop or avoid the vehicle and hit rear of van. Liability was denied and it was necessary to issue court proceedings. The client suffered minor fractures to the neck and nose and psychological issues. Without any admission of liability, the insurers made an out of court offer and this was accepted by the claimant.

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Dog bite had long term implications

Settlement £8,500

Mr K.T. – Industrial Deafness

Settlement £7,500

Successful Claim Brought For Shoulder Injuries Caused By Surgical Negligence

Settlement £12,000

GC v Nottingham NHS Trust

Settlement £85,000