Rush Hour Traffic

Road Traffic Accident Success Stories

Cyclist hit by car door

Compensation for Cyclist who was Hit by a Car Door

Settlement £6,780

Driver Traps Pedestrian’s Leg Between Two Cars

Settlement £6,000

Compensation for Cyclist Injured in a Hit and Run

Settlement £3,200

Hit and Run Victim Compensated

Settlement £11,979

Unaware Driver Seriously Injures a Pedestrian Whilst Reversing

Settlement £50,000

Cycling Accident Results in a Claim of £11,500

Settlement £11,500

Road Traffic Collision Results In £5,195 Settlement

Settlement £5,195

Claim Made After Unaware Driver Collides In To The Back Of Clients Car

Settlement £3,061

Emergency Stop By Bus Results In Shoulder Fracture

Settlement £5,000

Bus Driver Runs Over Biker Who Claims For £20,000

Settlement £20,000

Master M.B. – Pedestrian Road Accident

Settlement £2,650

Mr J.K. – Pedestrian Road Accident

Settlement £35,000

Master P, a child – Road Accident Passenger

Settlement £2,350

Mr P – Cycle Accident

Settlement £6,000

Miss A C – Cycle Accident

Settlement £20,000

Mr P B – Moped Accident

Settlement £100,000

Miss A S – Road Traffic Accident

Settlement £95,000

Pedestrian seriously injured while crossing the road

Settlement £100,000

Collision with a horse-drawn traditional caravan

Settlement £67,500

Passenger seriously injured after car left the road

Settlement £45,000