Tonsillectomy leaves patient with hole in throat

Tonsillectomy leaves patient with hole in throat

£55,000 Settlement

Pryers helped *Rebecca* to claim compensation after being left with a hole in her throat following a tonsillectomy.

For a number of years Rebecca had suffered from sore throats and tonsillitis and had been prescribed medication on a number of occasions.

In July 2009 Rebecca attended her GP surgery and was referred to see a Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at her local private hospital in Nottinghamshire. She was examined and informed that her tonsils needed to be removed, and that this would be carried out under the care of the NHS.

In September 2009 Rebecca was admitted for surgery at her local NHS hospital. Following the surgery Rebecca was in extreme pain and required morphine to help control the pain she was suffering, but was discharged that evening.

On her return home Rebecca found that she was having extreme difficulties in talking, eating and drinking, and that the pain was also affecting her sleep.

After five days Rebecca decided to visit her GP where she was examined and informed that there was a burned hole in the back of her throat. However, at a follow up appointment with her surgeon Rebecca was informed that this was a rare occurrence and would heal itself in time.

A further week later Rebecca was continuing to be in so much pain that she telephoned the hospital. She was told to go to the hospital where she was examined and it was noted that there was a 1.5cm hole in the back of her throat which had been caused during the surgery to remove her tonsils. Alarmingly when Rebecca tried to swallow liquids the liquid came back out of her nose.

Rebecca was referred for speech therapy and also for surgery, however it was later decided that surgery was not appropriate in this instance. Rebecca was advised to only eat soft foods as she was choking on solid food when trying to eat.

Slowly, through speech therapy and help from her family Rebecca managed to return to a normal life, although this took until the end of 2010.

In October 2009 Rebecca contacted Ian Kirwan, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at Pryers Solicitors. Investigations into her case commenced, which proved to be complicated by Rebecca’s psychological trauma following her surgery.

Expert evidence was sought which was not supportive, however, it was felt that the medical records and facts themselves provided sufficient detail to put allegations to the Defendant. This was put to the Defendant in a letter in February 2011.

In May 2011 the Defendant responded admitting that they were at fault and that they had caused the hole in the throat during the tonsillectomy which had led to Rebecca’s pain and suffering. Negotiations to settle the case then commenced and shortly afterwards the Defendant made an offer to settle the case for £55,000 which Rebecca was happy to accept. The Defendant also paid all of Rebecca’s legal costs, so she kept 100% of her compensation.

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