A Nottingham dentist has been suspended. This is a photograph of some dental instruments, similar to what they might have used.

Nottingham Dentist has been Suspended

A Nottingham Dentist has been suspended from practising for 18 months by the General Dental Council (GDC), in August 2014. Attempts are now being made to trace the Dentist’s patients.

Nottingham Dentist has been Suspended for Breaching Safety Standards

The action comes following allegations that he “put patients at risk by breaching safety standards at his Nottingham surgery”. Covert filming appeared to show that the Dentist failed to wash his hands and sterilise equipment between appointments and allegedly showed “multiple failures in cross-infection control standards”.

The Care Quality Commission inspected the practice in July 2014 and in its report highlighted concerns regarding the rooms used by the practice for storing equipment and staff allegedly not identifying the risks of items coming into contact with bodily fluids and taking no action to minimise the risks.

Patients Traced

Health Officials have now launched a public appeal to trace every patient who has been treated by the Dentist during his 32-years of practice and asking former patients to undergo blood tests. This is believed to be one of the biggest patient recalls in British history and there is now concern that breaches of safety standards at the Dentist’s former clinic could span several decades.

Only about 3,500 of an estimated 22,000 patients have so far attended for blood tests and it is reported that only the 166 patients who were involved in the covert filming have been written to directly. This news will clearly create extra worry and on-going uncertainty to former patients.

Pryers Experience with Dental Claims

All dentists are expected to provide clinically satisfactory treatment and to act with reasonable skill and care when doing so. If the dentist fails to do something or does something that they shouldn’t then they can be considered to be negligent.

Any former patients who are concerned and would wish to discuss their concerns further can speak to our experts. You can call us on 1904556600 or email us. We will advise you for free if we can help you claim compensation on a no win no fee basis.

Pryers are a leading national firm of Dental and Medical Negligence Lawyers and have extensive experience of cases involving negligent dental treatment. Our dedicated team of lawyers and experts are well equipped to investigate and advise on all issues of dental and medical treatment.

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