Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Supermarket’s uncovered drain led to injury

Supermarket’s uncovered drain led to injury

£12,200 Settlement

Mrs B tripped over an uncovered drain at a supermarket. She sustained soft tissue injuries to her knee and face, and 2 cracked teeth. Liability was admitted by the supermarket and her compensation included sums to allow her to have one of the cracked teeth replaced privately should it be required in the future.

Woman with bandaged arm

‘Corrective’ Surgery Makes Scarring Worse

Settlement £4,500

Surgical Negligence Leads To The Need For Further Hip Surgery And Ongoing Problems For Claimant

Settlement £75,000
A photograph of a patient being wheeled through a hospital, on a bed, by medical staff.

Wife Receives £35,000 For Negligent Actions

Settlement £35,000

Knee injury had long term consequences

Settlement £200,000