Rush Hour Traffic

Emergency Stop By Bus Results In Shoulder Fracture

Emergency Stop By Bus Results In Shoulder Fracture

£5,000 Settlement

Mary, from Halifax, was seated passenger on a Stagecoach service bus when the bus driver approached a set of traffic lights as they started to change from green to amber.

The vehicle in front of the bus came to a halt at the lights. The bus driver failed to keep a sufficient lookout and had to perform an emergency stop, to avoid a collision. In doing so, Mary was ejected from her seat onto the floor with such force that this fractured her shoulder.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, who confirmed that she sustained a fracture of at least 4 parts with impaction of the humeral head. At the expert’s request, she underwent an x-ray of the shoulder.

An addendum report was received confirming that Mary has secondary osteoarthritis. She underwent a course of physiotherapy and regained a functional range of movement.

We received an offer to settle in the sum of £5,000.00, which Mary accepted.

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