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Drain Left in Patient After Caesarean Section

Drain Left in Patient After Caesarean Section

£5,000 Settlement

Jane instructed Pryers to help her claim compensation after a drain was left in after a caesarean section.


In 2014 Jane went into labour. She attended her local hospital for the birth of her first baby. Unfortunately, Jane’s labour was slow to progress and she required a caesarean section to help bring her baby into the world. The caesarean section was successful and mother and baby were both doing well.

Drain Left In

Jane had a drain left in place following the surgery. Approximately 1 week after the surgery a midwife attended Jane to remove the drain. The midwife had difficulty removing the drain and the midwife ended up “tugging on the drain”. This caused Jane a lot of pain and when the tube eventually came free the midwife noticed that part of the drain was missing.

It was presumed that the missing piece of the drain remained inside Jane. However, this was not investigated for another few days. At that point, Jane had an x-ray which confirmed a large section of the drain remained in her abdomen. Jane had further surgery the following day to remove the drain.

Jane found the first week or so after the birth of her baby traumatic due to the events in the hospital. This affected how Jane bonded with her baby initially.

Compensation Claimed for Drain Left in After Caesarean Section

Jane brought her case to Pryers as she was aware that Pryers specialise in birth injury claims. Jane’s case was expertly managed by a solicitor at Pryers, Michelle Matthews. Detailed and thorough investigations were carried out and a settlement of £5,000 was secured for Jane to compensate her for the additional surgery and trauma she went through after the birth of her baby.

Michelle of Pryers said, “Jane can now put her ordeal following child birth behind her and start looking forward to her future with her baby”.

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