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Delayed Diagnosis, Due to a Scan Being Delayed

Delayed Diagnosis, Due to a Scan Being Delayed

£380,000 Settlement

Ruth started to suffer from a loss of sensation in her bottom (saddle anaesthesia), bladder and bowel disturbance and back pain. She visited her GP and was correctly referred for an urgent MRI scan at the hospital.

Unfortunately, there was a delay in performing the scan, which caused a delay in diagnosing and treating the cauda equina syndrome.

The legal issues in the case were complex and Pryers worked with an expert neurosurgeon to prove that the hospital staff were negligent. It was alleged that, with earlier diagnosis, Ruth would have had urgent neurosurgery and would have made a good recovery. Instead, she was left with urinary incontinence and permanent leg pain, which made it difficult for her to walk.

Pryers recovered £380,000 compensation for Ruth’s pain and suffering, as well for walking aids and equipment and therapy. A large sum was obtained to fund future care and assistance to ensure that Ruth always could access the care and support she needed.

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