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Bone Loss Caused by Poor Oral Health

Bone Loss Caused by Poor Oral Health

£10,000 Settlement

Pryers secured £10,000 in compensation for a client, after poor oral health led resulted in periodontal disease and the loss of bone.

No advice regarding poor oral health

*Andy* had been to two dentists over the course of eight years for all of his regular dental appointments. At no stage had he been advised to stop smoking, or given any advice regarding general oral health. On only four occasions had a basic periodontal examination been carried out, once in 2001, twice in 2006 and once in 2009.

During the eight years that Andy had been attending the two dentists for his appointment he had suffered deteriorating adult periodontal disease and developed widespread bone loss in his jaw.

Andy had attended a total of 35 appointments and a total of 20 scaling and polishing appointments.

In May 2009 Andy was referred to a different dental practice. When he was seen there, x-rays were taken which showed significant bone loss around all of his teeth and the prognosis of his teeth deteriorated throughout the time of his care. Andy eventually lost one of his upper right teeth.

Pryers secured compensation

Andy contacted Ian Kirwan, a medical negligence and dental negligence specialist at Pryers Solicitors, in June 2009 and investigations into his case started.

A report was obtained from a General Dental Practitioner who advised that the Defendants had been negligent in failing to properly advise Andy and failing to carry out regular periodontal examinations. A further report was obtained, however, which advised that smoking had played a major contributory factor in the development of the periodontal disease and it was likely that Andy would have required some treatment in any event.

Allegations were put to the Defendants in February 2011 and negotiations to settle the case commenced. In March 2011 the Defendants put forward an offer to settle the case for £10,000 which Andy was pleased to accept.

The Defendants also paid all of Andy’s legal costs so he received 100% of his compensation

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