Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Fall on snow leading to significant long-term injuries

Fall on snow leading to significant long-term injuries

£25,000 Settlement

Pryers have successfully recovered £25,000 in compensation for female client’s pain and suffering and losses.

Mrs S had visited the Defendants premises with family members. On leaving the Restaurant she slipped and fell at the top of a ramp leading from the Defendant’s premises to the pavement. There was snow at the time and no grit was on the ramp and there were no handrails.

Mrs S suffered a serious fracture of her left ankle and underwent an open reduction and internal fixation operation. She was in hospital for a period of 4 months. During this time she moved between various hospitals and also very significantly developed a pulmonary embolus for which she was put on medication for life. After leaving hospital Mrs M was then in a care home for some weeks and then received assistance from Social Services upon her return to her own home.

The Defendant denied liability for the accident. However after serving Medical Report and Losses, without any admission of liability. The Defendants made an offer of settlement and the matter eventually settled for £25,000.

Compensation for Wrong Size Knee Replacement

Settlement £20,000

Compensation for Surgery without Consent

Settlement £70,000

Emergency Stop By Bus Results In Shoulder Fracture

Settlement £5,000

Knee Replacement With Wrong Sized Implant

Settlement £16,000