DVT Following Surgery Leads to £5,000 Settlement

DVT Following Surgery Leads to £5,000 Settlement

£5,000 Settlement

Pryers helped a client to get compensation after she developed a DVT following surgery.

DVT following Surgery

*Claire* had a history which included previously developing a DVT during a surgical procedure in 1984.

In January of 2010 Claire required further surgery as she had developed stress incontinence. At her pre-operative assessment she was not assessed for risks of Venous Thrombo Embolism. The surgery was carried out and Claire was discharged home the following day.

Ten days later Claire attended her GP complaining of pain in her calf. Her GP suspected that she had developed a DVT and admitted her to hospital for investigations.

Claire was treated with compression stockings and anoxaparin and clexane until she had a CT scan which showed a thrombus in two of her veins in her lower leg.

Claire commenced warfarin treatment which continued until June 2010.

How Pryers helped Claire to get compensation

Claire contacted Alex McKnight at Pryers Solicitors in January 2010. Her claim was investigated and in October 2010 allegations were put to the Defendant that Claire should have been assessed for DVT risks prior to surgery, and should have been given a shot of clexane following surgery to minimise the risk of any DVT developing.

The Defendant admitted this and apologised for their omission. Negotiations to settle the case commenced and in April 2011 the Defendant made an offer to settle of £5,000 which Claire was happy to accept.

The Defendant also paid all of Claire’s legal costs so she kept 100% of her compensation.

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