Rush Hour Traffic

Road Traffic Collision Results In £5,195 Settlement

Road Traffic Collision Results In £5,195 Settlement

£5,195 Settlement

Mrs Donaldson had a road traffic collision and suffered soft tissue injury to her shoulder, chest, knee and lower back. We arranged physiotherapy in order to help her recover from these injuries. The defendant’s insurance admitted liability and she received £5,195.

A photograph of a person in a wheelchair, taken from behind

Failure to respond to the appearance of jaundice and high bilirubin levels result in £12.5m in damages

Settlement £12,500,000

Delayed Diagnosis, Due to a Scan Being Delayed

Settlement £380,000
Cyclist hit by car door

Compensation for Cyclist who was Hit by a Car Door

Settlement £6,780

Medication Error Caused Iron Overload

Settlement £85,000