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NHS Negligence

Senior Surgeons Warn Patient’s Lives Are At Risk

The chronic shortage of NHS beds is at all-time high, and senior surgeons are warning this is putting patient’s lives at risk. NHS England […]

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NHS Safety Fears Fall On Deaf Ears

Thousands of warning from NHS staff members are being ignored by the NHS inspectors, claims a whistle-blowers alliance. The alliance is made up of […]

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Teenagers are being prescribed drugs linked to suicide and overdose

A study by the university of Swansea found that 40 per cent of under 24’s were being prescribed Citalopram despite warnings from the National […]

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Pryers Solicitors Expands At Quartz Point

Pryers Solicitors LLP has expanded within Evans Property Group’s Quartz Point, Grade A office building in the heart of York, signalling full occupation of […]

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NHS not dealing with Women’s mental health

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Agenda, an alliance of women’s groups who support females at risk, have warned that women’s mental health […]

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Delays mounting in the NHS

July this year marked another record figure in the NHS, with 185,000 people having their discharge delayed. Problems surrounding availability of community care have […]

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One in five bowel cancer patients could be diagnosed earlier

The British Journal of Cancer has suggested that one in five bowel cancer patients who receive an emergency diagnosis had symptoms that should have […]

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Fears for patient safety as GPs pay private firms to provide consultations via webcam

In a bid to cut waiting times, three practices in the UK are offering consultations by webcam. After downloading an app, patients can log […]

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“Celebrity” doctor sued by 57 patients

Cancer surgeon and Chanel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies doctor, Dr Manu Nair, is being sued by 57 patients he treated at NHS and private hospitals. […]

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Dirty hospital room left one patient blind

A man’s life has been changed forever after contracting an eye infection that left him blind. The patient was given an eye injection in […]

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Woman dies after suffering side effects from the contraceptive pill

Charlotte Foster, 23, died from a pulmonary embolism after taking the contraceptive pill Dianette. When she was prescribed the hormonal contraceptive by her GP […]

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Fungal infections kill more people than malaria or breast cancer

More than one million people worldwide die from fungal infections each year, according to Prof Neil Gow from the University of Aberdeen. Scientists are […]

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