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I have been working in the claims industry since 1999, spending time working in both the claimant and defendant areas.

I live in Wakefield and enjoy keeping fit, I love a challenge so enjoy facing into activities like the Yorkshire Total Warrior and Ninja Warrior. Family is important to me, so a lot of my spare time is spent doting on my nieces.

In 2008 I discovered my passion for helping clients when I began handling legal claims for those injured in an accident. I then had the opportunity to work in several different management roles, concentrating on developing teams and processes designed to help clients both in high volume (Fast Track) and for those who were more seriously injured (Multi Track).

At Pryers I head the operation, concentrating on performance management, product development and ensuring the welfare and development of my colleagues.

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Development Continues for Whiplash Reforms in April 2020

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NHS Trust paid £1m for good maternity care whilst being investigated by CQC

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust, the hospital that have been at the centre of the largest inquiry into baby deaths, was awarded a £1m […]

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We mustn't let the financial costs of these claims blind us to the enormous human costs. These cases are completely avoidable and the government needs to focus on better patient safety to avoid errors in the first place.

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