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Angela Harford joined Pryers as the Marketing Manager in 2019. Before this she had worked in marketing at another law firm who specialised in personal injury claims.

Role at Pryers

At Pryers, Angela leads the Marketing team who are responsible for helping clients, and potential clients, to understand how Pryers can help them. To achieve this, she works closely with the operational teams to offer and promote the best service we can.

Working closely with these teams means she can constantly learn about our clients. Understanding their individual stories and seeing the positive impact that the work we do can have on their lives. Ensuring that our claims process and service allows them to move on from a difficult situation, with the answers they need.

Angela is also responsible for building relationships with other companies and groups who can benefit from Pryers’ services. Identifying their needs and adapting our business to their requirements, creating mutually beneficial services for them and their members.


She began her career as a Personal Assistant in a financial services business, where she gained an understanding of how the company worked by working closely with the Directors.

After returning from maternity leave, she began working with the Marketing and Product Directors. This gave her the opportunity to learn the details behind marketing and product development. She was given the opportunity to work on a number of product and regulatory initiatives. This gave her the insight into how she could contribute in these roles, before moving formally into a Marketing role.

Personal Life

Angela, lives in York with her husband and son. She enjoys commuting to work by bicycle and loves the freedom it gives, as well as the fact that it’s free to get to work. She is therefore passionate about promoting road safety, but in particular creating a positive and safe road network for cyclists.

In her spare time, she volunteers as Club Secretary for her son’s village football club. Her husband coaches one of the teams, so their weekends, as a family, are often dedicated to the side-lines.

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