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Problems can develop during child birthHere at Pryers solicitors in York we have completed a medical negligence claim on behalf of a client and won her £2,000. The case involved a client who, in the course of the birth of her first child, had an epidural (for pain relief) that pierced the dura in the spine and led to leakage of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).  This was a recognised complication of the epidural but the mistake was made by the hospital staff failing to recognise that the client’s ongoing headaches were as a result of the leakage and to carry out blood patching. The mistake was compounded by the community midwives failing to refer her back to the Hospital to get it sorted out.  It was only about a month later that the client was referred back to the hospital and the patching carried out to relieve the headaches. This allowed the client to start to enjoy tending to her new-arrival.

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