Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Slip on ice in a car park

Slip on ice in a car park

£2,000 Settlement

Pryers have successfully recovered £2,000 in compensation for male client’s pain and suffering.

Mr M parked his car in a private car park to go into X Store. When he was walking from the car he slipped and fell and suffered injury as a result of ice on the car park surface. The three Defendants were, in effect, blaming each other for the accident and Court proceedings had to be issued against all three.

As the claim was low value Pryers managed to get all three Defendants to speak to each other and they decided that two of the Defendants would share responsibility 50/50 with the third Defendant being indemnified by Y Management Company.

Glass Fragments Missed By A&E Staff

Settlement £16,500

Hit and Run Victim Compensated

Settlement £11,979

Failure to Make a Referral for a Suspicious Mole

Settlement £65,000

Injury sustained during building works at home

Settlement £50,000