Rush Hour Traffic

Passenger seriously injured after car left the road

Passenger seriously injured after car left the road

£45,000 Settlement

JH was a front seat passenger in the NS’s vehicle when the NS lost control and the car left the road, rolling several times before coming to rest on its side in a wood. Liability was admitted by NS’s solicitors, but the issue of causation was raised due to JH’s failure to wear a seatbelt.

JH suffered extensive injuries to the neck, back and left shoulder. Internal bruising, lacerations to the liver and internal bleeding, punctured lungs and concussion.

defective hip replacement

Negligently Fitted Hip Replacement Components

Settlement £84,500
Woman holding tablet, about to take it with some water

Liver Damage Caused by Medication

Settlement £50,000
Missed broken wrist

Missed Wrist Fracture

Settlement £19,000

Pressure Sore Led to Patient’s Death

Settlement £20,000