Rush Hour Traffic

Mr J.K. – Pedestrian Road Accident

Mr J.K. – Pedestrian Road Accident

£35,000 Settlement

The client was a pedestrian walking along a pavement when he was deliberately run down by a motorist, following an earlier unprovoked altercation in a public house. The driver was identified and arrested by the police and subsequently convicted and imprisoned. Unfortunately the driver was uninsured but the claim was accepted by the Motor Insurers Bureau and dealt with under the Uninsured Drivers Agreement. The injuries sustained were serious and caused significant disruption to the claimant’s employment. Although the claimant was self-employed and unable to document his income, the claim was negotiated to settlement.

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Pryers client Emma

Complications after Strangulated Bowel was Misdiagnosed

Settlement £14,000

Mr S. R. – Crushing injury to arm at work

Settlement £75,000

Lumbar Puncture Error Results In Death And Psychiatric Injuries

breast cancer patient holding pink ribbon

Poor Outcome Following Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Settlement £47,000