Injured wrist at doctors

Mr C – Accident on Grass Verge

Mr C – Accident on Grass Verge

£1,900 Settlement

The Claimant was walking his dog on a grass verge on a recently developed piece of land when he tripped and fell as a result of a metal rod that had been left protruding from the grassed area in from of the housing developer’s showroom. The Claimant suffered a lower back muscular injury as well as a soft tissue injury to his arm. After a dispute on who was responsible for the area Pryers obtained an admission of liability from the company responsible for maintaining the grassed area and the case was settled.

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Prison Worker Compensated For Bite

Settlement £12,000

Negligent Cosmetic Treatment Leads to Settlement of £9,250

Settlement £9,250

Urethra Damaged During Hysterectomy

Settlement £10,000

Medication Error Caused Iron Overload

Settlement £85,000