Injured wrist at doctors

Miss G K – Accident at Heathrow Airport

Miss G K – Accident at Heathrow Airport

£18,000 Settlement

The claimant worked at Heathrow Airport as an aircraft cleaner. During her work cleaning inside a ‘Jumbo’ jet, a seat collapsed on her leg causing injury. Liability was accepted initially but when the insurers realised that the injury was potentially more serious than they had first thought, and thus potentially more valuable, the insurers attempted to resile from the admission. After lengthy negotiations with the insurers, the claim was settled.

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Informed Consent for Surgery

Settlement £100,000
A photograph of a man lying in a hospital bed

Surgery Negligence Caused Years Of Problems

Settlement £107,500

Compensation for Delayed Diagnosis of an Undisplaced Fracture of the Greater Trochanter

Settlement £30,000

GP’s Failure to Recognise Developing Cauda Equina Syndrome

Settlement £565,000