Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Fall backwards resulted in serious head injury

Fall backwards resulted in serious head injury

£32,000 Settlement

We represented a local man who suffered serious injuries whilst out drinking with friends. Whilst standing outside a public house’s entrance in a smoking area, he stepped backwards and tripped on an advertising ‘A’ board and fell down a flight of steps.

He sustained a serious head injury and neurological injuries.

Liability was denied on the basis that the claimant had been drinking and was the author of his own misfortune.

A split trial was required and liability for the client was established as we were able to adduce evidence to establish that the location of the ‘A’ board was inappropriate and exposed lawful visitors to a foreseeable risk of injury and that a heightened duty was owed to those who may have been drinking. The client subsequently received more than £32,000.

JM v Dr DB

Settlement £52,500

Tonsillectomy leaves patient with hole in throat

Settlement £55,000

Scheduled 5am Fire Alarm Causes Fall And Hip Fracture

Settlement £13,000
A photograph of a patient being wheeled through a hospital, on a bed, by medical staff.

Wife Receives £35,000 For Negligent Actions

Settlement £35,000