Paramedic team rolling a stretcher on a street

Dog bite had long term implications

Dog bite had long term implications

£8,500 Settlement

Mr C sustained a dog bite to his hand whilst delivering post to business premises. Liability was denied by the occupiers of the premises alleging that no deliveries were made to their address. The police were informed of the incident and on obtaining their report we were able to prove that the police had visited the premises and warned them about their dog. Mr C sustained nasty lacerations to his hand which healed leaving scars which were painful and reduced his ability to grip.

65 Year Old Woman Receives Compensation For Negligent Treatment Of Appendicitis

Settlement £33,000

Negligence Caused Severe Pressure sore

Settlement £10,000

Delayed Referral for an X-Ray Leads to Pulmonary Embolus

A photograph of a patient being wheeled through a hospital, on a bed, by medical staff.

Wife Receives £35,000 For Negligent Actions

Settlement £35,000