worker placing wet floor sign

Defective grate caused injury

Defective grate caused injury

£1,100 Settlement

Our client brought his claim to us after a large firm of solicitors refused to take it on, stating the prospects of success were less than 50%.

Our client was crossing the road when his foot went into a broken grate causing him to fall and injure his wrist. The grate had been covered with snow.

The local highway authority admitted they were at fault for allowing the grate to remain in a poor state but denied liability to compensate our client because of an entry in the A & E records. A few days after the accident someone at the hospital made a note that our client had been injured falling off a stepladder rather than falling in the street. This was incorrect and we assume there was confusion with another patient.

The defendants seized on this apparent contradiction and refused to pay compensation.

We knew our client was an honest man and we were able to obtain detailed statements from a number of people who confirmed that he had complained of the grate immediately following the accident.

We had to issue court proceedings and progress towards a final hearing before the defendants finally accepted responsibility and paid our client’s rightful compensation for his injury and losses.

Slip on ice in a car park

Settlement £2,000

Compensation Successfully Claimed For Patient Whose Delay In Treatment Leads To Loss Of All Useful Function

Settlement £100,000

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Settlement £7,500

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Settlement £5,000