Rush Hour Traffic

Collision with a horse-drawn traditional caravan

Collision with a horse-drawn traditional caravan

£67,500 Settlement

RF was the driver of a horse and traditional antique bow top caravan. AB failed to heed RF’s presence and drove into collision with the rear of RF’s caravan, destroying it and everything inside. RF was thrown from the caravan and injured. RF’s horse was also injured in the collision. Liability was admitted by AB’s insurers.

Delay in Diagnosis of Myeloma

Settlement £28,000

Healed Wrist Damaged Following Cast Removal

Settlement £7,000

£200,000 settlement for missed diagnosis by GP

Settlement £200,000
A photograph of a male doctor looking at a radiograph, with his head in his hand, to depict making a diagnostic error

12 Years To Diagnose Nerve Damage Caused By Operation

Settlement £40,000