Young Man With Erb’s Palsy Injury

Young Man With Erb’s Palsy Injury

£575,000 Settlement

The young man’s mother went into labour with him. During the labour, he became stuck in the birth canal when his shoulder became impacted on the symphysis pubis bone. After the head was born there was a 10-minute delay before the doctors were able to free the young man from the birth canal. The doctors did not use the correct manoeuvres to release him from the birth canal, they simply pulled to get him out. The force of pulling him out of the birth canal resulted in all of the nerves from his neck to his arm being torn. This resulted in the young man never having any control, feeling or movement in his arm. A number of surgeries were attempted to reattach the nerves but none were successful. This resulted in the young man’s arm becoming withered and small.

If the correct manoeuvers had been used to release the young man from the birth canal he would have suffered no injury, or at most a brief period of numbness but would have regained full use of his arm.

Liability was disputed but the Defendant Trust recognised the risks going to Trial and the matter settled for £575,000.

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