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Negligent Cosmetic Treatment Leads to Settlement of £9,250

Negligent Cosmetic Treatment Leads to Settlement of £9,250

£9,250 Settlement

Pryers helped *Denise* to claim compensation after she underwent negligent cosmetic treatment at a private cosmetic surgery in the South East of England.

Denise’s negligent cosmetic surgery

In April 2009 Denise underwent a filler procedure underneath both of her eyes. Denise had previously had this treatment carried out successfully 18 months ago.

Following the treatment Denise returned home and noticed that there were large bumps just underneath both eyes, above the cheekbones. Denise also noticed that there was some discolouration under the left eye which appeared to be blue. Denise therefore contacted the clinic to ask for advice and sent the clinic several e-mails which were not responded to.

In May 2009 Denise returned to the clinic for a check up appointment, however, nobody was prepared to co-operate with her and therefore she sought a second opinion from a different clinic. She was advised that the initial treatment had been injected in the wrong place and that the filler used was the wrong material.

Denise made enquiries with the second clinic as to whether she could have a second procedure, but was informed that they were unable to rectify the procedure until the filler had dissipated completely, which could take up to 18 months. This was confirmed when Denise contacted the manufacturers of the filler.

Pryers helped Denise claim compensation

In October 2009 Denise contacted Ian Kirwan, a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence matters at Pryers Solicitors.

Investigations into the case were made and an expert opinion from a Cosmetic Surgeon was sought. The expert evidence was very supportive of the case and critical of the way the procedure had been carried out.

In November 2010 allegations were put to the Defendant followed by an offer to settle the case in April 2011 which started negotiations to settle. The Defendants eventually settled the claim for £9,250 plus all of Denise’s legal costs so she kept 100% of her compensation.

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