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Failure to Provide DVT Prophylaxis

Failure to Provide DVT Prophylaxis

£16,000 Settlement

Pryers secured £16,000 compensation for a client who was not given DVT prophylaxis and was subsequently readmitted to hospital when he developed DVT.

Surgery without DVT prophylaxis

*Harry* had a history of right DVT and pulmonary embolism from March 2006. He subsequently was admitted to his local Hospital in April 2007 to undergo a right leg varicose vein procedure. The performing Surgeon however, did not examine Harry’s leg and he was not provided with any DVT prophylaxis as a preventative measure.

In July 2007 Harry underwent surgery without any DVT prophylaxis. Unfortunately, five days later he was subsequently readmitted to his local Hospital complaining of chest and calf pain. He was subsequently diagnosed with pneumonia and discharged home only to return to hospital two weeks later after having been diagnosed with an extensive DVT.

Pryers helped claim compensation

Harry approached David Sears, a solicitor specialising in medical negligence claims at Pryers Solicitors.

Investigations were undertaken and a letter setting out the allegations of negligence following supportive expert evidence was submitted to the Defendant. The Defendant then submitted a Letter of Response admitting breach of duty in respect of the surgery and failure to provide DVT prophylaxis.

Harry had pre-existing venous insufficiency and limited function therefore the injury was limited to a six month period following the surgery. In an attempt to reach early settlement David Sears proposed an out of Court settlement in the sum of £17,000, which the Defendant rejected and made a counteroffer of £15,000. It was ultimately agreed that the matter would settle for £16,000 plus costs which Harry gladly accepted.

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