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Failed Sterilisation Procedure Results in £12,500 Compensation

Failed Sterilisation Procedure Results in £12,500 Compensation

£12,500 Settlement

Pryers helped a client to get compensation after a failed sterilisation led to her needing a number of additional surgical procedures.

In March 2008, following the birth of her third child, *Hannah* underwent a sterilisation procedure at her local hospital in Lancashire. Following the surgery Hannah was discharged home and believed that the surgery had been successful.

However, in March 2009 Hannah found that she was pregnant once more and that the foetus was approximately eight weeks old. She made the difficult decision to undergo a termination procedure which was carried out seven days later under general anaesthetic.

After returning home Hannah found that she was passing small blood clots and therefore contacted the Gynaecology department of her hospital. It was found that some parts of the pregnancy had not been removed during her termination procedure and that therefore Hannah would require further surgery under general anaesthetic to remove these retained products of conception.

Hannah was keen to find out why her sterilisation had failed and underwent a diagnostic procedure which found that one of the clips on her fallopian tube had slipped out of place and that therefore only one tube was sterilised, leaving the other working fully and allowing Hannah to become pregnant.

Hannah suffered considerable mental and physical trauma as a result of the failed sterilisation and necessity for two procedures under general anaesthetic, which she struggled to come to terms with.

In April 2009 Hannah contacted Anna Renfree, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at Pryers Solicitors. Investigations into the case were commenced and in September 2009 a letter outlining the allegations of the hospitals failings was sent to the Defendant.

The Defendant responded, admitting that they had failed in their duty of care to Hannah. Negotiations to settle the case commenced and in April 2011 Hannah was pleased to accept an offer of £12,500 in addition to a formal apology from the Defendant.

The Defendant also paid all of Hannah’s legal costs so she had nothing to pay for her case and kept 100% of her compensation.

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