Delay In Treatment Leads To Loss Of All Useful Function

Delay In Treatment Leads To Loss Of All Useful Function

£100,000 Settlement

Our client, Maureen, came to Pryers to claim compensation after a delay in treatment led her to lose all useful function.

A fall at home

Maureen, aged 80 from Kent, fell while in her own home. Upon arrival, the paramedics immediately suspected a spinal injury and immobilised her neck before taking her to the Defendant Hospital.

Maureen felt unable to move her limbs. At the Hospital, she underwent a CT scan. The doctors reported this as normal and her neck collar was removed.

The next day, she was transferred to the Stroke Unit due to her inability to move her limbs. An MRI revealed a significant spinal injury. They transferred her to an alternative hospital, but her neck remained unsupported during the transfer.

Eventual surgery after delay in treatment

The following month, Maureen underwent spinal surgery and required ventilation and a tracheostomy. Despite this eventual surgery, the delay in treatment meant that Maureen no longer had useful function of her own body.

Devastatingly, Maureen can no longer move her limbs and has ongoing respiratory problems. She has suffered from numerous urinary tract infections and pressure sores. Her dementia also developed significantly following her injury.

How Pryers helped

Maureen instructed Pryers Solicitors to investigate what had happened. She felt she’d received negligent treatment from when arriving at A&E to the care that she received during her stay at the Defendant Hospital. She needed to know whether her injuries came about due to the negligence she suffered and the delay in treatment.

We obtained expert evidence that confirmed multiple failings by the Defendant Hospital; the delay in treatment had worsened her condition, resulting in the loss of all useful function.

Our expert acknowledged that Maureen would have had some functional problems as a result of the fall in any case, but she would have maintained some of her independence. She would also not have had any respiratory or cardiovascular problems.

The Defendant admitted negligence and accepted our offer to settle Maureen’s case for £100,000.

How we can help you

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