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Compensation for Wrong Size Knee Replacement

Compensation for Wrong Size Knee Replacement

£20,000 Settlement

Pryers secured compensation for a client who was given the wrong size knee replacement, which caused her to additional pain and suffering.

In May 2006 *Rachel* underwent a knee replacement procedure at her local hospital in Yorkshire.

Following the knee replacement Rachel continued to suffer pain and discomfort and complained of this on a number of occasions to her physiotherapist and GP. Rachel was struggling to carry out a number of the physiotherapy exercises because she had such reduced movement in her knee.

By the end of July 2006 Rachel’s GP was so concerned about her slow recovery that he referred her for investigations and to have a manipulation procedure on the knee.

After the manipulation procedure Rachel did not feel that her position had been improved at all either in relieving the pain or increasing the range of movement.

By January 2007 Rachel felt she could no longer manage the pain that she was in and returned to her GP once more and was referred back to the hospital who simply sent Rachel for further physiotherapy which gave no further relief from her symptoms.

During February 2007 Rachel underwent a number of x-rays through the hospital but no concerns were raised following these, even though one showed that her leg was not straight.

In May 2007 Rachel returned to her GP and asked to be referred for a second opinion. She was referred to a different hospital in Yorkshire. Rachel underwent a thorough review by the consultant there and was informed that one component of her knee replacement was too big and that this was the cause of all of her pain and difficulties walking.

Rachel underwent surgery in December 2007 to replace the incorrect part of the knee following which Rachel commenced a long recovery process. She has not yet fully recovered from the wrong size knee replacement and has been informed that there is little more that can be done.

Rachel contacted Alex McKnight, a specialist in medical negligence matters at Pryers Solicitors, in February 2009 and investigations into her claim commenced.

Medical evidence on Rachel’s current condition and prognosis was commissioned initially, in addition to further evidence on the failings of the initial hospital and the wrong size knee replacement.

Lengthy negotiations commenced to settle the claim and in March 2011 an offer was made by the Defendant to settle the claim for £20,000.

The Defendant also paid all of Rachel’s costs incurred in the case so she received 100% of her compensation.

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