One of Pryers' clients, who we obtained compensation for, as a result of pressure sores she developed in hospital

Compensation for Pressure Sores in Hospital

Compensation for Pressure Sores in Hospital

£17,000 Settlement

Julie came to Pryers after her mother, Marlene, suffered pressure sores at Lynnfield Mount Hospital in Bradford.

Admitted to Hospital with Vascular Dementia

Marlene was in her sixties when she began to suffer from vascular dementia. A few years later her nursing home admitted her to hospital when she began to experience problems. Marlene was unaware of her situation and was completely reliant on the hospital during her stay. Her medication was being administered through a drip, so Lynnfield Mount Hospital had struggled to keep her hydrated. Her medication made her feel drowsy so she was confined to a hospital bed with little movement. This meant that she developed pressure sores. The hospital should have recognised that, with her limited movement, Marlene should have had her position moved regularly to prevent unnecessary pressure on any one part of her body.

Pressure Sores Developed in Hospital

Unfortunately, her pressure sores had developed before the hospital recognised them and began to treat them. She was therefore transferred to Bradford Royal Infirmary where they treated her with cream and regular movement. They also tried to keep her hydrated to treat a kidney injury and reduce the chances of her developing further sores. A few days later she was transferred back to Lynnfield Mount Hospital and then later discharged to her nursing home for onward care.

Marlene’s family; her partner Brian and two daughters Julie and Sharon, were disgusted about the treatment she had received. They were certain that she had been treated poorly. Julie said “it was hard enough watching her struggling with dementia, but they had sedated her so much she wasn’t able to eat or drink, let alone move. We knew it couldn’t be doing her any good. We asked them to stop medicating her so heavily, but they persisted. So, when we found out about the pressure sores, we were heartbroken to know that she was in pain as well.”

Compensation for the Pain Caused

Julie came to Pryers on behalf of the family for help with making a claim. We began by investigating Marlene’s medical records to identify the care she received and working with our experts to document the gaps in that care. Tragically, Marlene died before we could conclude her claim, so we continued to act on behalf of her estate. With our evidence, we were able to negotiate a settlement of £17,000 for Marlene’s estate.

Julie was devastated by her mother’s death so was very grateful for Pryers handling the claim. She said; “June handled my mum’s claim at Pryers. I had every confidence in June, she managed the whole claim for me. My father was also seriously ill at the time, so I knew that I could leave it to her to do the best for me and my family. The money will never bring my mum back or make up for the pain she suffered at Lynnfield Mount Hospital, but I feel like we have got some sort of justice for the way they treated her.”

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