Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty Treatment Burns Face

Beauty Treatment Burns Face

£1,500 Settlement

In April 2009 Gabriella attended her local beauty salon in Yorkshire for red vein laser treatment to her face. Gabriella had been having beauty treatment at that surgery for several years and had undergone laser hair removal and red vein laser treatment previously. Gabriella had never been informed of any risks or asked to sign a consent form for the treatment.

The treatment in April 2009 was to treat red veins around Gabriella’s nose and mouth. During her treatment the machine being used needed to be stopped and restarted and Gabriella noticed that after it had been restarted to procedure felt very hot and uncomfortable, which she had not experienced before.

While driving home from the salon Gabriella noticed that the areas she had undergone treatment on were feeling much worse and she felt as though her top lip was burning.

For the next two days Gabriella’s skin was very red and sore. Her lips and the skin above her top lip blistered causing the skin to crack and bleed. Gabriella returned to the salon and was simply told that the machine had been faulty and had been returned.

After two weeks Gabriella’s skin had not improved and she visited her GP. Her GP informed her that it appeared that deep layers of the skin had been damaged.

Over the following months Gabriella became increasing concerned and conscious of the redness and scarring on her skin from the blisters. She continues to have scarring which she is seeking advice from a dermatologist for.

In November 2009 Gabriella contacted Anna Renfree, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at Pryers Solicitors. Investigations were carried out regarding the defective machinery and Gabriella’s injuries.

Allegations were put to the manufacturers of the machine in April 2010 but these allegations were not accepted. At the start of 2011 the Defendant tried to persuade Gabriella to walk away from her claim, offering only to pay her legal costs but no compensation. This prompted the start of negotiations and the case was eventually settled for £1,500 in addition to Gabriella’s legal costs.

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