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Tooth extraction leads to dental negligence claim

Tooth extraction leads to dental negligence claim

£5,000 Settlement

Pryers helped a client to claim £5,000 in compensation following a tooth extraction.

In October 2008 John attended his local Dental Hospital to have his Lower Left 6th tooth removed.

The surgery was completed by a trainee Dentist, following which it was discovered that one of the roots of the tooth had been left in place, but John was not informed of this.

Subsequently John started to suffer pain with his tooth and could feel something hard in his gum. He thought initially that this was a stitch in the gum.

Three weeks following the removal of the tooth John was still suffering pain and went to his GP who informed him that he had a potential abscess and advised John to go for a review at the hospital persisted.

A further four weeks later John attended the hospital as he was still unable to eat on the left side and was suffering severe pain. He was informed that the root of the Lower Left 6th tooth was still in his gum and that this needed removing.

In December 2008 the root was finally removed.

However, John continued to suffer pain and attended his usual dentist in April 2009. He was informed that he was suffering bone loss around the Lower Left 5th tooth and that part of the tooth was exposed following the procedure in October 2008 and a condition known as dry socket had developed.

John contacted Pryers in March 2009 and his case was managed by Anna Renfree, a specialist in clinical negligence and dental negligence matters. His claim was funded by way of a ‘no win no fee’ agreement.

Investigations were carried out and a Letter of Claim was served in July 2010. In January 2011 the Defendant responded and admitted breach of duty. They made an offer to settle for £5,000 which John was happy to accept.

The Defendant paid all of John’s legal costs so he did not have anything to pay during or after the case and kept 100% of his compensation.

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