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Compensation for nerve damage during dental surgery

Compensation for nerve damage during dental surgery

£11,000 Settlement

56 year old Kee Wong Shum came to Pryers to claim compensation for nerve damage he suffered during dental surgery.

A cosmetic dental procedure

Kee Wong Shum felt unhappy with the appearance of his teeth, and it had affected his confidence for a long time. He decided to have a dental implant to help him feel more comfortable with his smile.

He contacted a dental practice in London that specialised in cosmetic dental procedures. They suggested placing an implant in place of his lower right 5 tooth and that there was only a small risk of nerve damage associated with the procedure. Kee therefore agreed to undergo the surgery.

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Permanent nerve damage during dental surgery

Kee went under anaesthesia for the surgery. As the anaesthesia wore off, the right-hand side of his face felt completely numb and, thinking the worst, he started to panic.

As time passed he suffered from extremely altered sensation in and around his mouth; his speech had changed and he couldn’t feel the lower section of one side of his face. Kee felt devastated: surgery he’d thought would help him gain confidence did the opposite; it caused him to lose confidence – not just in his appearance, but also in his communication.

Kee told the clinic he felt unhappy with their work, so they arranged for him to come in and have the implant removed. 16 months later, he returned to the same practice for the removal. Sadly, his symptoms persisted afterwards and he felt more and more fed up.

Frustrated and disheartened

Kee didn’t understand where it had all gone wrong. He’d pinned his hopes on the positive outcome he’d been promised, taking time off work to attend the various appointments. He felt that his time and money had been wasted.

Kee said: “I felt so upset that it had all gone wrong. I put my trust in the practice and its surgeons. I now wish I hadn’t done. They offered me a refund, but I didn’t think it fairly compensated the impacts on my life and my self-esteem.”

Pryers helped claim compensation

Unsatisfied with the offer to refund his treatment costs, Kee came to Pryers to help him claim compensation. He wished to ensure he received his full entitlement of compensation.

Hannah Cazaly, one of our dental negligence specialists, took this case on. She showed sympathy towards Kee and wanted to guide him through the case to help him get the compensation he deserved.

However, this case became complicated by the practice responsible for Kee’s treatment. They were slow to provide his medical records and then failed to identify the dentist responsible for the treatment.

Hannah nevertheless persisted with her investigations, despite the obstructions presented by the dental practice. She obtained evidence from a restorative dentist who confirmed that the implant had been placed too close to the mental foramen, which had caused nerve damage. They advised that Kee’s symptoms would be permanent.

Kee felt relieved to finally understand what had gone wrong, after previously getting very little guidance from his dentist.

Compensation agreed for nerve damage during dental surgery

Faced with our persistence, the dentist eventually instructed solicitors, who advised that the practice wanted to settle the claim quickly.

We achieved a settlement of £11,000 for Kee. This compensated him for the pain, stress and various treatments he endured as a result of the negligent dental surgery. Kee felt happy he’d chosen Pryers, as this settlement amount was much higher than the refund the practice had offered.

Hannah said: “This claim became complicated due to the defendant’s behaviour. However, I persisted to ensure Kee received the compensation he deserved. Despite the difficulties, we managed to achieve an excellent outcome.”

Thanks to Hannah’s persistence, Kee received £11,000 through the settlement. He felt relieved and happy to receive compensation for the nerve damage he had suffered during dental surgery.

He said: “I am so grateful to Hannah and everyone at Pryers. I didn’t receive fair treatment and I hope that now I can start to rebuild my life and my confidence.”

How we can help you

If you have had a bad experience following a cosmetic dental procedure, our dental negligence specialists could help you to claim compensation.

Contact us by email, or call us on 01904 556600 to make an enquiry. Our team will advise you if we can help you claim compensation on a no win, no fee basis.

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