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Dental Abscess Leads To £27,500 Settlement

Dental Abscess Leads To £27,500 Settlement

£27,500 Settlement

Anna, 52, from Harrogate, pursued a claim with the help of Pryers Solicitors regarding an abscess which progressed to involve her right eye and resulted in the loss of her tooth.

Anna required two operations under General Anaesthesia at her local hospital. The first operation took place on 12 December 2015 and involved the extraction of UR7 and the incision and drainage of a large facial swelling. The dental abscess then progressed to involve Anna’s right eye, and she had a second operation on 15 December 2015 which involved the incision and drainage of a right lateral orbital abscess and right infra temporal fossa abscess.

A Letter of Claim was served on 28 October 2016. The defendant admitted liability in their Letter of Response.

Pryers was able to obtain condition and prognosis evidence that supported the claim. Pryers then received an offer to settle the case for £27,500, which Anna accepted.

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