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Sophie was pregnant with her second child, having had a son by c-section previously. At term, she was induced for slightly raised blood pressure and reduced baby movement. She progressed well through the afternoon and in spite of this, further medicine was introduced.

She developed sudden pain and was transferred to theatre. When she was sat up for the epidural, she collapsed and a general anesthetic was administered. At section, it was found that there had been a total uterine rupture and her baby was entirely outside the uterus, in the abdomen.

The child was in a very poor condition and she now has severe dystonic cerebral palsy. The child also has a separate claim underway.

Sophie was understandably traumatised by the delivery and developed an aversion to anything to do with pregnancy, labour or babies, to the extent that she cut herself off from many friends. She could not face the idea of having another child, and was terrified that this would happen again. She had wanted a large family, perhaps 6 children. These events effectively meant she would not have another child.

We instructed an obstetrician who was of the view that the medicine should not have been increased and this was the sole cause of the uterine rupture.

Liability was admitted and settled for £35,000.

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