Pryers Solicitors


In August 2009 *Rachel* underwent a breast enlargement procedure at a private cosmetic clinic in London.

Unfortunately, during the procedure the performing surgeon removed excessive tissue when forming the left implant pocket. This occurred when electrically induced heat was used to seal a bleed within the pocket. The removal of the excessive tissue did not perforate the skin but it did reduce the underlying tissue.

Although the burn that resulted on the surface of the skin healed after approximately three months, Rachel was left with a small round visible scar on the upper inner side of her left breast, directly on her cleavage. The scar was similar in appearance to a cigarette burn and measured 1.5 centimetres in diameter.

In September 2009, Rachel contacted Laura Turner, a solicitor specialising in clinical negligence at Pryers Solicitors.

Investigations into the case were made and an expert opinion from a Consultant Plastic Surgeon was sought. The expert evidence was supportive of the case and critical of the way in which the procedure had been carried out.

In July 2011, the Defendant put forward an offer to settle for £2,500 plus costs, which started negotiations. The Defendant eventually settled the claim for £4,250 plus costs.