A cyclist, off his bike, in a black helmet and clothing, who might be wondering "what do I do if I've been knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?"

What do I do if I’m knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?

What do I do if I’m knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?

We’ve written before about what to do if you’ve been involved in an accident. It’s never a pleasant situation, but providing you and your equipment are not too badly damaged, knowing there’s a route to compensation through compulsory insurance can be reassuring – at least in terms of any financial hardships. But you might be wondering “what do I do if I’m knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?”

You could technically sue the person directly, but there is no guarantee that they will have the money to pay any compensation you are awarded. This could mean that at the end of a long and complex claim, you get nothing.

This is why most people in this situation make a claim via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Uninsured Drivers’ Agreement. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau will investigate, and compensate you if the uninsured driver is found to be at fault. They might pursue the uninsured driver to recover their costs, afterwards.

About the Motor Insurers’ Bureau

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau are a non-profit company. They are funded by every insurer who underwrites compulsory motor insurance (by levies placed on their clients’ premiums). They enter into agreements with the UK Government to compensate victims of accidents caused by uninsured and untraced drivers.

What should I do if I am knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll know straight away whether the other party has appropriate insurance, you should follow the usual advice for if you have been involved in an accident.

The first clue that the driver is not insured might be that they refuse to provide you with their details. This is a criminal offence and you should report it to the the police.

You must take reasonable steps to check whether the offending vehicle is insured. The Motor Insurers’ Bureau suggest using www.askMID.com to verify whether the vehicle is insured. You can do this from the roadside if it is safe to do so. If you haven’t done this, we will do some checks before submitting your claim. Your claim should be submitted to the insurer if there is a valid policy.

If you don’t check the details, you might not find out they are false until you submit your claim. When this happens you should re-submit your claim via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Uninsured Driver’s Agreement. If all the details are false, and the individual is untraceable, your claim should be submitted under the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s Untraced Drivers’ Agreement. This is why it is worth submitting an askMID search at the roadside.

How do I submit a claim if I’ve been knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?

Once you’ve established that the other party has no insurance, it’s time to submit your claim. It is possible to submit a claim directly to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, but you are entitled to legal representation. A solicitor can ensure all the important information is submitted and advise you what compensation you are entitled to.

It is best to submit a claim as soon as possible. If compensation is being claimed for a physical injury, it must be submitted within three years of the accident occurring. If the claim is for property damage only (no injury), the time limit is 6 years.

The person making the claim must prove that their injuries and any other losses were caused by the other person. This usually requires a witness statement, medical evidence and evidence to support any financial losses.

What can I claim if I’ve been knocked off my bike by an uninsured driver?

You can claim for the same things that you would if the driver was insured. This includes well-known things like injuries and property damage. There are also other less known things though, like compensation for assistance provided by family and friends.

Pryers role is not just to help prove that the other driver was at fault. We make sure our clients receive all of the compensation they are entitled to.

How do I get started?

If you’ve been involved with an accident and know or suspect that the driver at fault was uninsured, contact our team. We provide legal representation, in claims against uninsured drivers on a no win no fee basis. A 25% fee is charged in successful cases, which is payable from any compensation that is awarded.