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An expert team led by Professor Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director, have concluded their review of PIP breast implants and whether the unauthorised silicone used can cause long-term health problems.

The final report has concluded that the implants are not toxic and there is no link to cancer.

However, the team has found that the implants are more likely to rupture (around two times higher) than other implants, leading to leakage and other physical problems caused by the reaction to the silicone.

The NHS advice to women remains the same – if they do experience any symptoms of a rupture or have any other concerns, they should contact their GP or their Surgeon to discuss their options which may include having a scan or having the implants removed and replaced.

Pryers Solicitors are dealing with a number of claims and liaising with other leading Product Liability Specialists to offer support to women who have been affected and to bring compensation claims on their behalf.

If you have had a PIP implant and wish to discuss your options, the team at Pryers can be contacted on or 01904 556600.

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